Climate Policy


Alongside its various initiatives, Bangkok 1899 also acts as a model for Climate Action by implementing Creative Migration’s new Climate Policy to reduce the carbon footprint of all projects and day-to-day operations that it hosts. Bangkok 1899 is also committed to producing Climate Impact Reports (in collaboration with the grassroots collective Artists Commit) for key programs to develop the most relevant and effective environmentally regenerative practices. 

Creative Migration has a breadth of experience in the environmental space including partnerships the UN Climate Change initiative Entertainment and Culture for Climate Action (ECCA) & the Hollywood Climate Summit.

Sustainable Practices:

Bangkok 1899 also strives to be a living model of sustainability, leading by example. Through our quiet and thoughtful environment, we provide an alternative experience to the pervasive wastefulness of our growing cosumeristic practices. In order to survive the ever-mounting threat of climate change, we plan to provide education and tools --- activities, workshops and discussions --- that can activate the important social innovations we desperately need in an increasingly uncertain world.

Our space has been slowly converted into a model of sustainability by employing various environmental technologies in our ecosystem. These include:
 > Recycling and composting to divert waste away from landfills
 > Incorporating sustainable technologies into the property's overall system
 > Removing excess concrete and replacing them with green spaces
 > Adding insulation to cool the house by 7 - 10°C
 > Adding ceiling fans to reduce air-conditioning usage
 > Updating electrical system to reduce energy consumptions (LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances,   
    Mediterranean cooling systems)
 > Zero Waste Policy in collaboration with Na Projects


As part of FREC (Ford Resource and Engagement Center) Bangkok, we also work with our partners to minimize waste and foster a sustainable environment. Our collaborations include the following:

1. Facilitate the recovery of food waste to Scholars of Sustenance (SOS) Thailand

2. Upcycle plastic waste to Precious Plastic Bangkok

3. Eco-Workshops with partners of FREC --- cultivating an understanding of innovative ways to protect our environment

4. Liaising with partners of FREC Bangkok to create a tailored sustainable program guideline




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