Make-out Movies @ One Love BKK Festival


Bangkok 1899 x The 60 Second Film Festival is excited to bring to you "Make-Out Movies" at the One Love BKK Festival! 

Come chill out and cuddle up with Make-Out Movies!

Bangkok 1899 x The 60 Second Film Festival is curating a series of love-themed shorts that will get your heart racing at the One Love BKK Festival!

Bangkok 1899 is introducing US filmmaker Zefrey Throwell’s new saucy short ‘ALL THE DONNA’ and feature length film ‘Flames’ that IndieWire described as a “tangled romance (that) blends fact and fiction.”

Watch out for ‘Every Minute Counts’ in 2021 - a collaboration between the nonprofit Creative Migration (founder of Bangkok 1899) and the 60 Second Film Festival. Together, they will guide filmmakers towards greening cinema for a better and sustainable future!


Where: One Love BKK Festival
When: September 26, 2020; 4 PM - 12 midnight

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